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Specializing in the release of emotional and physical trauma for a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

At Soul Sync Bodywork we are dedicated to improving your health by reconnecting your body, mind and spirit.  We offer many different kinds of healing work including massage therapy, energy balancing, Celtic Tonal Healing, counseling, life coaching, Reiki, intuitive readings, past life regression therapy, Soul Trauma Healing, reflexology and more. For a complete list of what we offer with packages of treatments, please see the Therapies page.  Each of us here at Soul Sync Bodywork is committed to doing our very best to help you on your way to health and spiritual enlightenment.  Each of us is doing our own part in raising the vibration of humanity one soul at a time!  Stop in and see one of our very talented specialists and allow them to help you heal and reconnect to your soul.


Marcia now offers a Total Rebuild Package!  She is going to treat you to her extensive knowledge of massage and NeuroMuscular Therapy while singing her Celtic Tonal Healing, Soul Trauma Healing (and a bit of her own magic) along with personal instruction on how to improve your life all in one 2-hour package!  Contact Marcia at 406-281-0135 to schedule your life change today!  This package may be done online or in person.

Our healing specialists include

  • Marcia Colver Reichert, Natural Healer and Celtic Shaman specializing in massage, Soul Trauma Healing and Celtic Tonal Healing

For an example of Marcia’s vocal toning and an explanation of what she does, watch this YouTube video. The Singing Healer

  • William Pritchard, Reiki II, Intuitive Adviser
  • Andie Sanders, Intuitive Healer and Reiki Master
  • Roy Pack, Chi Gong Practitioner, Intuitive Life Coach
  • Michelle Nilson, Intuitive Advisor in Ireland! Michelle works over Skype when available, currently residing in Ireland.

At times our lives can get out of sync and while we feel fine physically, we may not be paying attention to the other important parts of ourselves, the emotional and spiritual aspects of wellness. We may just feel like something is seriously missing from our lives or we may be in constant pain. Whatever the issue, Soul Sync Bodywork synchronizes all three aspects for complete healing and wellness. Unless there has been recent physical injury to our bodies, our emotions are what affects our pain levels. Tight muscles are usually the result of stress on the body, which can generally be tracked back to an emotion. Our specialists help you to find where the original problem is coming from and allow yourself to let that particular feeling be healed. Even if there is past trauma, generally the reason why people remain in pain is the emotional trauma that the original injury has caused. By letting go of the emotional trauma the physical body will feel much better also.

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Marcia Colver Reichert is a Reiki Master, Light Energy Healer, NeuroMuscular Therapist, Intuitive Spiritual Adviser and originator of Celtic Tonal Healing.  Call her directly at 406-281-0135.

Much of the business at Soul Sync Bodywork is now done online, though Marcia Colver Reichert is still available for treatments in person.  Give her a call at 406-281-0135 to set up your personal treatment.


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